'Woof' - a Toddler Boy Doll by Adora
'Woof' - a Toddler Boy Doll by Adora
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Wow! If you're looking at this baby boy doll, you must have someone really special in mind!

This is not an every day doll that you gift on a whim. 

This is a very special baby boy doll meant for a very special little girl... one who will really appreciate him, and treasure him, and forever love him... and of course she will remember you forever as the one who gave her this special gift.

Now who might that special little girl be?

Well to start with, she should be six years old (or soon to be) and not the type to take markers to Woof's face or scissors to his hair!

We'll also assume that she absolutely adores dolls. Note we didn't say 'play with dolls,' we said 'adores' dolls. (If she just plays with dolls go buy her something less expensive!) 

Maybe she has a new little baby brother, and would love to have a baby brother doll to dress and nurture and love. 

Or maybe, she is so loved by you, so special to you, so important to you, that no other doll would ever be 'special enough' for your little girl.

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WARNING! Choking hazard: May contain small parts, not for children under 3 years.

Doll Type: Soft Bodied Life Sized Boy Doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color, Hair Color / Type: White, Blue, Red/Auburn Synthetic Rooted Hair
Size: 20 inches
Scented? Yes
Packaging: Window Display Box
Special because: Weighted for a realistic feel in your daughter's arms
Availability? In Stock for immediate shipment
Awards: Dr Toy 'Best Classic Toys Silver Seal award winning doll
Why she'll love her new doll: Recommended for young ladies 6 years+
Because Woof is 20" he can be dressed in real baby's clothes
Cloth body,vinyl arms, legs and head
Hand made doll, hand sewn outfit and hand painted details
Comes in the 'Woof' dog print one piece sleeper with matching cap and full bib
Baby powder scent will fade over time
Eyes are not open/shut, top and bottom eyelashes We are sorry but we do not warranty eyelashes, some children will pluck them off.
Weighted to feel like a real baby in your daughter's arms.
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