Wee Baby Stella
Wee Baby Stella
Wee baby Stella as packaged and without pacifier
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Q: Baby Stella doll and Wee Baby Stella doll look exactly the same in the pictures, so what's different?
A: There is only one difference: Size. The original Baby Stella is 15" tall, and the new Wee Baby Stellas are 11" tall. Other than that, they both have the rounded baby belly with belly button, and soft sculpt hands and feet, embroidered face and magnetic pacifier.

Q: If these ethnic baby dolls are the two different sizes, why are they the same price?
A: Wee Baby Stella is selling at it's regular everyday price, while the original Baby Stellas are on sale. (We buy Baby Stella in the older pyramid shaped packaging at a discount that we pass along to you.) 

Q: Does the size really matter? 
A: Think of it this way: The average 3 year old stands 30 inches. Which size do you think is better for your child right now?

Q: What about the clothes and accessories?
A: Each series has its own line of clothes, and we currently offer Baby Stella Clothes. As we see how well Wee baby Stella sells, we will gradually add clothes for her.

Doll Type: Soft Sculpt all cloth Baby Doll for Black, Biracial & Multicultural children
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Color / Type: Beige, brown embroidered, brown yarn in tiny bow
Size: 11 inches
Gender: Girl
Scented? No
Packaging: Standing open display box
Special Because: The famous Baby Stella magnetic pacifiers
Why she'll love this doll: Safe for Ages: 12 months and older
Baby Stella Dolls are famous for the magnetic pacifier that 'magically' sticks to baby's mouth! This feature has mystified and delighted children worldwide for decades!
Body is made of soft velboa fabric with embroidered features
Removable outfit consists of pink striped bloomers and short sleeved flower print dress
Wee Baby Stella is a new version of the award winning Baby Stella dolls
All new materials including polyester fibers, polyethylene sheets and magnets
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