Easy no hassle returns & Happy Kids Satisfaction Guarantee©

We will give you a full merchandise refund for any doll returned within the first 30 days - no questions asked, no hassles.

Even if it has been played with; even if it has been ripped out of the box and packaging. NO Restock Fee. NO hassle. NO questions. 
Just send it back. Period.

You see, we figure that if your child is willing to give you back their doll, there must be something really wrong with it. And we want those dolls back. 

We call this our Happy Kids Satisfaction Guarantee©. And it's part of our 'No Hassle Returns' policy.

Just send it back. Period. 

Our Address for Returns is:

The Pattycake Doll Company
Attn: Returns Dept.
107 Southfield Dr 
Fayetteville NY 13066

If the item is defective please call us at (646) 481-DOLL so we can talk about it. Many times they go back to the manufacturer, not to our store. Sometimes they just need a picture, not the item, so please call us. 

And no, we
never re-sell a returned doll as new to another customer. If you return a doll in really good shape, we'll donate it to a children's charity.

Please be sure to include the name of whoever placed the original order inside the package so we know who is sending it back for refund. We are sorry, but we can only - by law - refund to the original purchaser. 

An idea for your consideration...

As you know, we donate a percentage of our company's profits to charities that help children. But we are just a drop in the bucket. There is a never-ending need for dolls for children in hospitals, orphanages and shelters. 

So before you box it up and send it back, Addie and I would at least like to make the gentle suggestion that instead of a refund, could you please consider donating that doll for a 'giving tree' or to a local children's hospital or shelter?

Addie and I - absolutely - are always willing to refund you for your purchase. Have no doubt about that.

If you don't feel that this suggestion is appropriate for your circumstances, by all means send it back. 

But we know how great we feel helping hurt, sick and disadvantaged children. We invite you to share that wonderful feeling.

The Pattycake Doll Company Product Warranty Policy

 What you can and can't expect when you buy a Doll from the Pattycake Doll Company - our warranty explained:

  • So here goes: First of all we cannot warrant the hair or the eyelashes. Whether the doll has a wig or 'rooted hair,' inevitably hair will break and/or hair will fall out - this is normal, especially at the first brushing. And children love to 'pick at' those eyelashes!
  • We also can't warrant the clothing... just like the clothing you buy for yourself, there are occasional loose threads, missed seams etc; we do look and try very hard to not send out stained or defective clothing.
  • If the doll has sleeping eyes, they were checked before shipping to make sure they were not 'cross-eyed' or that the weights were broken. If your child pokes the doll's eyes (and some do), they will break.
  • And just like people, children's dolls come with minor skin blemishes. These are normal in the process of manufacturing, and will only be joined by more as your children play with their dolls. 
​That said, we want you to know that we examine every doll very carefully before shipping. We look for all of these problems: Loose eyelashes, eyes moving and looking naturally positioned, no excess glue under the wigs, clothing sewn properly with no obvious defects, clothing fits, no disfiguring blemishes or deep scratches, no smeared paint, the arms, legs and head move smoothly.

Electronic and wind-up or musical toys and dolls are another thing that is tested before shipping. If it is supposed to talk or sing, we promise you that when it left our warehouse it did. 

We don't want upset customers, so we try our best to make sure that the dolls we ship out are as close to perfect as is possible. We reject a lot of dolls before shipping, so that you never have to. If a product is obviously defective, we will replace it. (And shame on us for letting it get out of our warehouse that way in the first place) But if - for example - your daughter's doll's eyelashes 'fell out' after shipping, we won't. So do we get returns? Of course! But do we get defective returns? Almost never. 

We do not require a return authourization number, so if you decide to return, you do not need to ask us first. We do not pay return postage, as under our credit card processor's Credit Card Fraud policy, we are not allowed refund more to the credit card than we originally received from you, and it must go back to the credit card that it was charged to.