Go to Bed Curious George
Go to Bed Curious George
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How many times have you told your kids 'Time for bed,' and gotten resistence?

Want to make your life easier? Get your child a 'Go to Bed Curious George.'  (Already in his pajamas) - Makes life easier for you, and much more pleasant for them... so soft... so plush.

He's also about twice the size of your average teddy bear... big enough to impress your kids with his size. Just watch their eyes light up when you give it to them!

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One of our most cuddly toys Safe for ages: from 12 months+
For bed-time resisters, get them a 'ready-for-bed' Curious George!
Go to Bed Curious George is 16" tall - quite large as 'teddy bears' go
Made by GUND, so you know it's soft, and safe! One of our most cuddly toys
While George is completely 'furred' under the pj's, they are not meant to come off
He holds his soft fleece yellow 'blankey'
'Safety-Set' eyes, polyester and fiberfill, beanbag 'butt' for sitting stability
Surface wash recommendation
(we threw our sample into a pillowcase and washed it gentle and then towel squeezed and air dried - it came out fine)
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