Wee Baby Stella
Wee Baby Stella
Wee baby Stella in her packaging
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Honestly; we could hardly keep the Baby Stella soft Black Baby Dolls in stock they sold so fast! It seemed like every couple of weeks we'd have to order them again.

And then the shocking announcement from the factory: We're discontinuing that style!

And then the life-saver announcement: We are coming out with a newer and better doll to replace her.

And here she is:
The brand new, super soft, super cuddly Wee Baby Stella! And in our opinion, she is even better than her big sister!

Cuter, smaller, and just so much more adorable; truth be told, the smaller size is better for the one year olds to carry, and we love the print dress!

She still has the same famous magnetic pacifier that fascinates the kids, that  same wonderful embroidered smile, and her cute top knot of black hair.

And don't forget her soft rounded baby's belly... with her 'outie' belly button! 

We never thought Manhattan Toy could improve Baby Stella, but they did; with Wee Baby Stella!
Doll Type: Soft Sculpt all cloth Baby Doll for Black, Brown and Multicultural Children
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Color / Type: Brown, Black embroidered, Black Yarn strands
Size: Approx 11 inches
Gender: Girl
Scented? no
Packaging: Standing Open Box
Special Because Magnetic Pacifier
Special Because Baby Stellas have a long history of being a multiple award winning doll
Why She'll love her doll Safe for ages starting at only 12 months
Machine washable - gentle, then squeeze with a towel and air dry
Comes dressed in adorable print dress and color coordinated undies
Soft sculpt features include plump baby belly, ears, thumb and big toe and belly button
Clothing is removable, Velcro© strip on back of dress and slide off undies
With a little imagination, some glue and colored paper, Baby Stella's box can become her crib!

Customer Reviews

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THANK YOU! THANK YOU! FOR THE BEIGE WEE BABY STELLA!Our little granddaughter is biracial and we searched everywhere for a doll that would be closer to her and our family skin tones. Either dolls are totally "white/pink" or very dark toned. Finally, a company that acknowledges that there is a huge market of those of us who fit somewhere in-between. We want our kids to learn and practice self-love too. They will add on the others to create a diverse family of dolls but the first dolls they experience and love should look something like them. Again, Thank you!!!! Written by Jacqueline Murphy on Sat 23 Dec 2017 2:21:58 AM GMT
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