Snuggle Bunny - a Heating Pad for your Princess!
Snuggle Bunny - a Heating Pad for your Princess!
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The young princess's lady-in-waiting slips into the bedchamber shortly before 'her lady' finishes her bath. She turns down the covers and gently covers the sheets with Lavender and Chamomile. She then takes the bed warmer from the fireplace and softly prepares the bed for her mistress's arrival.

Shortly, the young princess is tucked under the luxurious covers, the aromatic fragrances gently scenting the air while a storybook is read, kisses are bestowed, and the comfortable warmth wisks her off to dreamland....

Make believe? Fairy tale? You too can send your little princess off to sleep with the gentle warmth and soft scents of Snuggle Bunny ... treat your little one to that luxurious sense of comfort and love.

1: As with all microwavable heated products do not allow children to use unsupervised.
2: There is no 'one-size-fits-all' heating, as microwaves differ in wattage and power. Heat for 15 seconds and then add 15 second re-heats until temperature is comfortable to skin.  Do not overheat. Do not leave inserts in microwave unattended.  
3: Remove the insert before washing the cover.  Do not put the seed inserts in water. Gently wipe Gel inserts with damp cloth.  

4: Placing this product in a plastic bag before freezing will help keep it clean.

PS: All of our heating pads for children are made the same way: A cloth shell and a microwavable mix of seeds and fragrances inside. However, although some of our vendors market the heating pads for the children's market, some of our vendors market their microwavable heating pads to the 'spa and comfort' market. Please do not be concerned if your heating pads arrive in an 'eye pillow' or other 'spa' market packaging. They will work just the same way as all of our other heating pads!
Why they will love their heating pad: Safe for all ages with parental supervision
Heating Pad, Cool Pack and Aromatherapy for your Princess Our most popular girl's heating pad
15 seconds in the microwave provides approximately 30 minutes of warmth
Perfect as a children's Cold Pack also, she can 'cool her sheets' in the summer! (Wrap in plastic bag before freezing to keep clean)
From tip to tail approximately 8 inches
Removable Cover - easy to clean!
Soft and Flexible, easily drapes over the curves of your child's form
Can be used as a cold pack as well, chill them in the freezer to provide therapeutic treatment for sore muscles and children's Charley Horse
USDA 'Food Grade' seeds and fragrances are inserted in the USA Lavender
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