Snail in the Garden Musical
Snail in the Garden Musical
Here is one of the two matching cherry stone crib warmers / heating pads
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​The beauty of our Snail in the Garden musical plush crib toy is that it can be bought either as a stand-alone gift, or as part of a sleep set.

And for the Pattycake Doll Company, that's unique. We don't have anything else quite like this.

Imagine... a sweet musical plush crib toy to lull baby to sleep, that matches and can be paired with either of our cherry stone microwavable heating pads and bed warmers.  All three products are part of the baby safe nursery decor line 'In the Garden' and use the same pretty pink garden 'print.' 

'Snail in the Garden' has one of those old fashioned music boxes with the pretty 'tinkly' sound. Instead of a wind-up key, it has a pull ring; pulling the cord winds up the box, as it plays it 'pulls' the ring back up towards the body. 

Snail in the Garden also has a very innovative feature: 
The music box fits inside a locked zipper pouch for safety and is removable so that you can wash the snail. (gentle cycle was, to dry either hang or tumble dry on low.

Why you'll love this product: Safe for all ages
Plays 'La Le Lu' by Heino Gaze, a European songwriter for the movies. A sweet German lullaby
Overall size is approx 8" long x 4" high x 2" deep
Meets the requirements of US CPSIA, European EN71 and carries the 'CE' mark
We also offer the In the Lovebirds in the Garden and Beetle In the Garden - makes a great baby shower gift set
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