Sleepy Time Elmo Plush Toy
Sleepy Time Elmo Plush Toy
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Your son doesn't want to go to bed. You want him to go to bed. Big fight. Why?

It's called separation anxiety... your son has been around people all day and now he's being sent to bed.. alone... and in the dark too probably.

That's where Sleepy Time Elmo comes in. Elmo is in his PJ's, and he's ready for bed. All he needs now is someone to take him to bed... your son for instance. 

Don't fight with your son... convince him. And use the good will and love that your son already has for Elmo to do it for you.

PS: A 'bedtime routine' like bath, prayers, bedtime storybook and 'lights out' at the same time each night will also go a long way to ending the bedtime battles.
Why we love this doll: Safe for ages: from 12 months+
Elmo is dressed in a (non-removable) pajamas
Made of polyester fibers and beads, eyes are cloth, nose is cloth mouth has stiffeners
Hand washable - mild suds, squeeze into a towel and then air dry
14 inches tall
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