Skwish Stix!
Skwish Stix!
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Hands down, Skwish is our best selling activity toy... it fascinates, it engages their attention, it's bright and colorful, and most of all it's a fun toy.

And after all these years that Addie and I have carried the Skwish, if someone had suggested it could be improved we'd of said "Can't be done!"

But we were wrong. There is a brand new Skwish - and it has been improved.
Our new Skwish Stix has a nice big suction cup on it! So it stays in place. (Addie and I thought it was called Skwish Stix because it looked more like sticks, but now we're thinking it's because it 'sticks' in place!☺)

If you are new to Skwish: This table top activity toy features colorful wooden rods, beads and stretch cords that “Skwish” and spring back to entertain and engage. This world famous developmental toy helps develop fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and tactile exploration and bright stimulating colors and movement for visual tracking development.

Why we love this product: Safe starting at 6 months
They can Skwish it and Skwish it and Skwish it again!
Size 8"L x 5"W x 8"H
Whereas the original Skwish could 'get away,' the large suction cup will help keep Stix close to hand
Colorful wooden rods, beads and stretch cords
Made with replenishable rubberwood and a water based, non-toxic paint finish.
The suction cup comes in various colors - yellow blue etc.
Packaging: Header card
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