Little Sanjay - Brown Baby Boy Doll
Little Sanjay - Brown Baby Boy Doll
Sanji dressed in an 12" doll Outfit (not included - for pictorial purposes only)Sanji is an Anatomically Correct Boy Doll
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Sanjay's warm brown skin and straight black hair, sparkling brown eyes and cute chubby cheeks, make him one of our most popular multicultural and ethnic baby boy dolls.

But other than just his looks, here are the other features that make him so popular a doll:
  • Multicultural and multi-ethnic doll suitability. If you would like to send us an email claiming Sanjay as 'your own,' please do, but so far he's been purchased as a Mexican baby doll, South Asian Desi, a Filipino doll, Guatemalan, and Middle Eastern among others.
  • Size: Sanjay is a 15 inch boy doll, and fits the clothes of many manufacturer's 13" and 15" standards. 
  • All vinyl construction. This ethnic boy doll is one tough cookie! And considering his age recommendation is 3 to 6, we just love it that he can stand up to a little rough handling. And all vinyl means safe for bath play too. 
  • And finally, we have both Little Sanjay and Little Shanti, making a brother and sister pair for those families that are looking for both!
WARNING! Choking hazard: May contain small parts, not for children under 3 years.

Proud to have supplied to the Oprah Winfrey Network!
These Outfits Fit Little Sanjjay and other 14-15" dolls
Doll Type: All vinyl multicultural and/or ethnic boy doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Type/Color: Warm Brown, Hazel, rooted straight synthetic / Black
Size: 14 inches
Gender: Boy - Anatomically Correct
Scented? Yes
Packaging: Polybag (Dolls have manufacturer's mark stenciled on their backs.)
Why we love this doll: Safe for ages: 3+
Sanjay is anatomically correct
All vinyl - durable enough for a toddler's play and able to be taken into the bath Arms, legs and head all swivel - doll can sit by itself, but not stand
Mildly scented, like a combination of baby powder and vanilla
Meets all European AND US Toy Safety regulations
The underwear is the cause of the potential choking hazard warning, not the doll
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