Rachelle - Learn to Dress Ballerina
Rachelle - Learn to Dress Ballerina
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Rachelle combines three of our most popular doll styles in one fantastic doll. So instead of buying three, you can just buy the one!
  1. First of all it's a great Lovey Doll. What makes a doll a good lovey? It has to be baby safe, super soft and lightweight. But most importantly, it has to have lots of different textures for a baby's fingers to explore.

  2. Secondly, it's a Ballerina doll. American girls love Ballerina dolls. 

  3. She's a Learn to Dress doll. Just about the time that your daughter would get tired of a lovey, she'll discover, and start to play with, the learn to dress features. In other words, this doll will be keep her interested for an additional year or two.

Not bad for the price right? 

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Why we love this doll: Safe for all ages
Zipper on back, velcro type closures on ballet shoes, three bows for tying, zipper in back
Approx 14 inches tall
Surface wasable
Yarn hair, Embroidered face, plastic button, polyester satin dress and soft fleece over fiberfill Lots of textures for a baby's fingers to explore
This doll fulfills the needs of two developmental stages!
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