Hair Brush for Doll's Hair
Hair Brush for Doll's Hair
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Let's be clear about what a doll's hairbrush is. It is not a prop. It is not a miniature hair brush toy that you put in a doll's hand to make it look like she is brushing her hair. A doll's hairbrush, more properly called a 'Wig' brush, is a brush designed to not damage a doll's hair, while helping to keep it neat, clean and tidy.

Secondly, a doll's hair brush should not just be any old hairbrush made smaller. Plastic bristles cause static electricity. Rubber bristles can catch and break doll hair. Metal bristles set in a rubber cushion for flexibility is the proper type of brush for your doll's hair.

Size: varies by manufacturer Pictures for illustrative purposes only
Materials: Plastic handle, metal bristles in a rubber cushion
Rubber tine bed with vent hole for 'give' and flexibility Bristles less likely to catch and damage tangled hair
Proper brush for all synthetic hair, rooted, or glued-on wigs
For tightly curled hair we recommend a hair pick, (We couldn't find any specifically made for dolls)
PS: Makes a great party favor! Discounts when bought in dozens, Call us! (646) 481-DOLL
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