Plush soft sculpt boy's lovey
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Loveys have to be simple... after all, they are made to satisfy the needs of your youngest children. They need to be crib safe and soft, and they should have multiple textures for infants to explore with their fingers. Machine washable is always good too!

Stephan's textures come from his super soft velboa fabric 'body,' satin ribbon bow on his cap, and the seersucker romper outfit. He's 12 inches tall, and very cuddly.

But where most loveys lose their appeal for infants at age two or so, Stephan has 'legs,' and should hold their interest for a couple more years. You see, Stephan is more of a soft-sculpt doll than a typical lovey... he has 'fingers' and 'toes,' and shaped 'feet,' 'ears' and 'hands.' And, his outfit is removable.

As toddlers start to explore their world, they like to carry a bit of comfort and security along with them, like a security blanket or lovey. Stephan, with his more detailed features, is quite likely to be your son's security toy of choice.
Reasons to love this doll: Safe for ages: All Ages including Newborns
Stephan, a 12" boy's first lovey and doll
A striped blue seersucker outfit over a super soft velboa fabric and fiberfill
Crib safe and should keep their interest until about four
Outfit is removable
Machine wash gentle (or inside a sock), towel squeeze and air dry

Customer Reviews

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Sooooh Perfect!To let you know that Stephan Baby arrived....and he is sooooo perfect!!!! Thank you!

I am excited to put him into the arms of my newborn grandson!

Thank you!
Written by Lorna on Fri 17 Aug 2012 7:00:15 PM GMT
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