Coralee - A Baby's First Lovey Doll
Our smallest 1st Baby Doll
Coralee - A Baby's First Lovey Doll
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It would be nice if the Walmart's of the world carried a better selection of African American Baby's 1st dolls, but they don't... and as far as Addie and I are concerned, that's good for us, so we do. I think we're up to about a dozen 1st Baby Dolls for you to choose from. 

So here's our least expensive first doll for a Black baby - Coralee. 
Made by Stephan Baby who are known for their quality children's toys. Baby safe of course, that's first. Then there's the textures - important in those first months when baby's eyes are still developing... the soft fleece of the doll, the ropy bumps in the braids and the texture of the embroidered flowers, eyes and smile. 

Then there's the machine wash and dry feature... always something we like to see for a baby's first doll, she is going to put it in her mouth after all; and finally a soft and gentle rattle to catch her attention and stimulate her sense of play. 
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Doll Type: Baby's First Doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Color / Type Brown, Black embroidered, Black felt and two braids
Size: 8 inches
Gender: Girl
Availability: In stock, should arrive in 3-5 days
Scent: None
Packaging: Polybag
Why we love this doll: Safe for ages: All Ages including Newborns
Our least expensive, but also our smallest first baby doll
This is definitely a first doll, she'll probably give it up by 18 months or so
Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.
Finger friendly with different shapes and textures for baby to explore with her fingers
Gentle plastic rattle in her 'belly'
We only have one shipping rate: $8.95 no matter how many different dolls you order. Yes, we will be glad to ship 'just' one Coralee if that's all you want.
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