Brocade Cheongsam Dress for 18" Dolls
Brocade Cheongsam Dress for 18" Dolls
Our Black 18" Doll Madison modeling the Cheongsam dressOur South Asian 18" Doll Aasha modeling the Cheongsam dress
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The odds are that your daughter does not have an 18" doll's Cheongsam. And that's a good thing. Because it also means your daughter's friends won't have one either. And that's even better!


Because when your daughter's friends see this gorgeous torquoise brocade cheongsam dress they are so going to want to put it on their dolls too. That's what 18" doll clothes are all about, the trading back and forth and the oohing and aahing.

Now here's the scoop for you parents and grandparents: This dress is incredibly easy to put on and off. It has half sleeves, so it's not hard to get the arms in and out, and it has a fairly long velcro closure on the back - so it's easy for even the youngest girls. And because it's easy, and because it makes every doll it goes on look gorgeous, it's probably going to be your daughter's favorite.
Includes: A beautiful turquoise blue Cheongsam dress
Fits: 18" Dolls from American Girl, Adora, Madame Alexander, Fibrecraft, etc.
Packaging: Polybag
Age recommendations? From ages 3 and up
Special Because: it's beauty and Authenticity
Why we love this product: Suitable for children starting at around 3 years
Authentic Cheongsam Construction The high collar, the side splits (for walking) and the fancy knotted embroidery neck buttons
Beautiful embroidered brocade on turquoise satin
Yellow satin trim at sleeves, collar and from the side splits all the way down thru the hem
So easy to put on and off great for younger girls with their first 18" dolls
Makes every doll beautiful!
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