Disney's Goofy - 18" Soft Plush Toy
"Gawrsh! Well, whaddya know?"
Disney's Goofy - 18" Soft Plush Toy
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Show a room of pre-schoolers a Disney Clubhouse show, and 10 minutes later some kid will be mimicking Goofy. 
Get that kid a Goofy Toy!

When your teen comes home after seeing the Goofy Driver's Ed video...
Get that kid a Goofy to remind him to drive safely!

We can go on, but you get the point... Goofy is an example... and a good one for all of us... kindhearted, good friend, loyal best buddy and a good sport. There's alot to be said for having a 'Goofy' around.

Walt Disney's Goofy has served as a mascot to Olympic teams, has taught a whole generation of Driver's Ed students how to be a courteous driver, and starred in numerous other instructional cartoons. But best of all Goofy's enthusiasm, genial good spirits, try harder attitude and can-do perseverance have made him a fan favorite for over 75 years

Goofy is not only Donald and Mickey's best friend, he'll be yours as well!
Why we love this toy: Safe for ages: 2+
18" tall Soft Plush Goofy - we LOVE this doll! Our largest Disney Character
Great role model and a great inspirational gift. Go Get'em Goofy!
Officially licensed and © Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Goofy
Surface washable
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