Little Princess Snowflake
Little Princess Snowflake
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You're shopping right now, right? Trying to find that 'perfect' doll? 

If it's a baby you're shopping for, this is the perfect doll.

If it's a toddler between one and three? This is the perfect doll.

Got a little girl between three and five? This is the perfect doll.

Any way you look at it, Little Princess Snowflake is the perfect doll. Here's why:
  • Safe for all ages including newborn. Safe. Safe. Safe. The most important thing. 

  • Soft. I just wish you could reach through your screen and feel this doll. You wouldn't believe a doll could be so soft.

  • Finger friendly too... if you've already had small children you know what that means. If this is your first... well let's just say finger friendly (textures and shapes) is a very good thing to be.  

  • Pretty. Pretty smile, pretty hair, pretty dress. Your daughter will be unable to resist her. Instant love affair. 

  • Size: 14 inches - the perfect 'hugging' size. Right in the 'sweet spot' for this age group. 

  • Machine washable. Another good thing. Loving a cuddly doll means washing that cuddly doll. 
​I could go on and on, but you get the point. This is one of those 'no brainer,' easy-peasy smartest doll decision you'll ever make perfect dolls. 

PS: The Pattycake Doll Company is not affiliated with Walt Disney Pictures nor the Frozen© franchise in any way. Little Princess Snowflake is a creation of the North American Bear Co.
Why she'll love her doll Safe for all ages - perfect baby gift!
This is the 'tan' (ethnic) version of NA Bear's 'Little Princess Snowflake'
A remarkably soft, all cloth, velboa fleece doll, machine washable and dryable.
This is a 'one-piece' construction, meaning there is nothing to come off and get lost.
As a baby safe lovey, Little Princess Snowflake has multiple textures and 'touch' points for baby's exploring fingers.
Comes packaged in a polybag with cardboard hang tag.
This doll can be personalized.
You can buy this for a newborn and she'll still be cuddling with it at five years old It's that perfect!
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