Rosy Ballerina A Waldorf Style Doll
Eighteen inches - That's Big!
Rosy Ballerina A Waldorf Style Doll
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When you give a little girl a Rosy Ballerina Doll, something special happens... a magical moment that can create a memory so special that she'll remember it for the rest of her life.

You're an adult, and you'll make the decision to buy this doll based on her features; but your daughter doesn't know from 'features' -- she's going to see this doll as 'real,' a soft beautiful companion to love and cherish and enjoy.

She'll love her size... at 18" she's more than half the size of a three year old. She'll love the pretty embroidered face, and the beautiful removable ballet ensemble and the soft braided yarn hair. And the reason the doll will seem so 'real' to her, is because of the soft sculpt features like toes and fingers and nose; the embroidered eyes and smile, the three dimensional 'reality' of her.

When you give your daughter or granddaughter a Rosy Ballerina, she's going to know that this is a special doll, and that's going to make her feel really special too.

Why we love this doll: Safe for ages: 3+
Eighteen inch all cloth Ballerina Doll
Ballerina outfit of satin and tulle includes headband and ballet slippers
Brown braided yarn hair, soft sculpt fingers and toes, nose and ears
Embroidered face on soft brown jersey cloth
Surface Washable
by North American Bear
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