Skwish 'Classic' - A Tensegrity Toy
Multiple award winner
Skwish 'Classic' - A Tensegrity Toy
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A multiple award winner, Skwishes flat and bounces back! 

No matter what their ability, no child can resist Skwish. It's hard to believe that this one toy can satisfy so many needs. This world famous and award winning developmental toy helps develop fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and tactile exploration; has an audible component when shaken like a rattle and bright stimulating colors and movement for visual tracking development. 

As a stress reliever or for hours of open-ended (no right or wrong way) play. Crafted of hardwoods and elastics, Skwish's six interior colorful beads slide back and forth over contrasting colored wooden rods as your child spins, Skwishes, shakes, bounces, rattles, rolls, or squeezes the toy. Or she can just Skwish it over and over - it will always bounce back!
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Why we love this toy: Safe for ages: All Ages including Newborns
Multiple and worldwide award winning toy
Simple Strings, wooden beads , wooden rods and a scientific principle called tensegrity.
Stimulates all the senses
Fascinates children, relieves stress in adults
Approximately 9 inches in diameter
Made in Thailand
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