Big Green Plush Monster Friend
Surface washable.
Big Green Plush Monster Friend
Big Red - the middle boy of the Monster DollsBig Blue - the oldest and the biggest of the three Monster Dolls
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OK, so maybe it's the monster in the closet... I don't know... but he'll know where the monsters are, and his favorite monster will be right there, in his arms - protecting him, and loving him, and making him feel more secure. 

Because that's what teddy bears and other bedtime dolls are after all... security objects. Something for a young boy to hold onto and carry for security as he begins to explore his ever expanding world. And when that world gets a little scary and overwhelming, that cuddly old familiar monster will be there to comfort and reassure.

Addie and I really like these Plush Monsters for a lot of reasons, but what we like most is that they are in three colors and three sizes. Kind of like the big brother, the middle boy and the youngest. Green is 7", Red is 9" and Blue is 12". So if you have more than one child, they can each have their own. A great feature!

And each Monster has his own personality built in... but what that personality is, is up to your kids to decide - what we in the industry call open-ended play. Which is great for building their imagination and story telling skills.

Doll Type: Soft Plush free form 'Friendly Monster' style doll
Size: 7 inches tall
Gender: Meant for the Boy's Market
Availability: In Stock
Packaging: Hang tag
Why we love this doll: Safe for ages: All Ages including Newborns
Big Green is the smallest of the three we carry at 7 inches
We love that there are 3 styles to choose from - especially if you have more than one boy
Very soft plush is surface washable
Very cute embroidered features give this monster 'personality!'
Long 'arms' make it easy to carry always a great feature for boy's dolls
Like the other two, sits upright
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