Lots to Love Asian Baby Doll
Poseable and Self-sitting
Lots to Love Asian Baby Doll
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One of our most popular Asian baby dolls; the chubby, lovable Lots to Love Asian play babies from Berenguer. 

There certainly is a lot to love in these "Lots to Love" Asian baby dolls. Every dimple, every crease, every finger and toenail is lovingly captured. It's this adorable realism that children fall in love with on first sight! Acrylic eyes and airbrushed paint on the lips and hair give the finishing touches. Dressed in its plastic pants and ready to play... 

Lots to Love Asian dolls have jointed arms and legs and a swivel head for poseability and pretend play, are fully washable and can be taken into the pool or bath - what the Europeans call a  'Water baby!' (pants are removable.)

PS: If you are shopping with your Chinese daughter by your side, you both might enjoy Ni Wa Wa,  a Chinese 'nursery song.' We thought this might add to your shopping pleasure.

Mud Doll, Pretend Baby,
Has eyebrows and eyes but she can't wink,
Has a nose and a mouth but she can't speak.
She is not a real baby, she is my pretend baby.

She doesn't have a loving Mom
She doesn't have a loving Dad
So I am her Mommy and I am her Daddy 
and I will Love her forever.

Doll Type: Asian Baby Doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Type/Color: Light, Dark, Molded / Medium Brown
Size: 10 inches
Availability: In Stock
Gender: Neutral
Scent: None
Packaging: Wrist Tag
Reasons to love this doll: Safe for ages: 2+
Realistic, fully sculpted Asian play baby Children love the 'chubby' look of these dolls.
Fully washable and immersible - fun for the bath or pool
Incredible detailed, from dimpled hands to creases and 'footprints'
Removable Diaper
Europeans call these 'Bath Dolls' as they can go in the water with your child
You'll get this in about 3 Days by US Priority Mail
Suitable for Boys or Girls
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