Sleepy Lullaby Lamb (Winky Waggie)
Gently Animated
Sleepy Lullaby Lamb (Winky Waggie)
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Gee willikers! You've been bouncing from site to site and page to page so fast you nearly missed me!  You don't want to do that! I'm terrific!

You see, I may be the best all around 'Gift for a New Baby' you'll ever see; ( if I do say so myself)! I'm sooo soft. And I have a beautiful and graceful animation - my head moves like I'm nodding off with the music - isn't that so cute? My music box is so pretty too - I play 'Hush Little Baby' with just the sweetest little sound... did I mention how soft I am? And I'm baby safe from BIRTH! I'm just so perfect! Buy me please? I even have a little gift card attached. 

Here's a brief video we made to show you how the animation works:
Why this is a great gift: Safe for ages: All Ages including Newborns
Wonderful musical lullaby lamb with gentle animation
from the GUND™ people, doing 'soft' since 1898
Plays 'Hush Little Baby' (one of the few lullabies known to have originated in America
quality old-fashioned wind up music box
Surface washable
about 12" long
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