Metal Hair Pick for African American Dolls with Hair
Metal Hair Pick for African American Dolls with Hair
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You already know how hard it is to find African American and Black dolls. It was even harder to find African American and Black dolls that have 'hair.'

Is it any surprise that we couldn't find a doll's hair pick? Especially knowing that it couldn't have plastic tines?

So to be honest with you we gave up. They may be out there somewhere, but we sure couldn't find them.

So we did the next best thing. We bought the best Metal tined hair pick for curly hair that we could find at a reasonable price and put it here for you to buy if you want to.

Should you? Well, yes you probably should. You're spending forty or more dollars for the doll, two bucks more won't hurt you. But as far as protecting the doll's hair, it's worth every penny.

Just remember to make sure that your daughter doesn't use this on her hair. Once she gets her natural oils on the pick, you don't want her transferring them to the doll...

You DO NOT want to have to wash the doll's hair!

How to care for Doll Hair
Why we love this product: .
By having a separate hair pick for the doll, the doll's hair will stay cleaner
We tried this out on our dolls - it does work, in fact works pretty well
Do not use plastic or rubber picks on synthetic hair
Don't forget to mist!
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