Nite Lightzz Maddie
LED bulbs last forever
Nite Lightzz Maddie
Night Litzz Red Glow Night Litzz Blue Glow (and there's green too!)
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Comforting to Cuddle, Comforting Glow, or to give as a unique gift!

You wouldn't know that this soft and adorable plush bunny is a problem solver just to look at her now would you? But she is! She solves two of the biggest problems Addie and I ever had as parents:

1: That white belly? It's actually a soft comforting night lite. And if you've ever spent 20 minutes a night trying to convince a tired and cranky toddler that there aren't any monsters under the bed or in the closet, then you know that a nice cuddly night light like Maddie is a fantastic idea.
2: The other problem we had was what to give someone else's child for a birthday present. Seriously, if your daughter plays with three or four other kids from playgroup or school, then three or four times a year you need to come up with a birthday present. And Maddie is perfect! A soft and adorable pink rabbit with a gentle nightlight built into her belly, Maddie's glow comforts your child, turns off in 30 minutes by herself, and can be removed for washing. The light cycles though three colors or she can pick her favorite and 'keep' that color. (see pictures) 

Why we love this product: Safe for ages: All Ages including Newborns
Helps with both Separation Anxiety and Fear of the Dark Even if they've outgrown this, kids still think these are a cool toy!
Push the switch once, cycles through three colors Red to Green to Blue
Push the switch again, locks in your favorite color
Portable! ( only 8 inches tall ) They can take their Maddie to sleepovers, camp or Grandma's!
Requires 3 AA batteries, not included
LED Bulb Lasts forever, never gets hot
Machine washable (Air dry only) Remove the Nite light first!
Zippered pouch for you to access the lite and/or change batteries
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