Silver Shimmer Tunic & Tights - 18" Doll Outfit
Ages 8 years or older please
Silver Shimmer Tunic & Tights - 18" Doll Outfit
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And what goes for the girls, goes for their dolls.

Sure it's fun to play dress up with dolls, but it's when they're dressed, when they are showing them to their friends; that's when that delicious secret sense of satisfaction takes hold.

And that's why we carry Silver Shimmer. Because when her doll is dressed in this outfit, she sparkles...she shimmers, she shines... and your daughter does too. This is simply, a stunning outfit.

And Silver Shimmer is not sold by American Girl® - although it will fit all the American Girl dolls and their clones.

Addie and I have spent years developing this site for children of color. We have traveled far and wide to find you all these different shades of beauty in ethnic 18 inch dolls. As a result, we have also found a lot of different doll fashion houses, with different designs and styles.

Not all American Girl® fashions (predominantly they sell white dolls) are going to look good on our 'dolls of color.' Silver Shimmer on the other hand, looks fantastic on every 18" doll!

PS: The silver shoes in the picture were for photographic purposes only, and are not included.
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Tunic is sequins sewn onto mesh with a crop-top lined area and a ribbed elastic band on the bottom
Tights are black stretch material with a delicate lace trim on the bottom
Tunic fastens with metal snaps in the back, only opens 1/2 way down
This is a pretty delicate outfit, age recommendation for ages 8+ (Same age as for American Girl Dolls)
This outfit will fit most manufacturers 18" dolls
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