Jazz Night 18" Doll's Dress
Jazz Night 18" Doll's Dress
As modeled by the lovely My Pretty Sophia
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Don't buy this 18 inch doll's dress if:
  • If your 1st thought when you see the price tag is 'too much.'
  • If your daughter is younger than 8 years old.
  • If she doesn't even take care of her own clothes properly enough.
Do buy this 18" doll's dress if:
  • Your daughter understands what a Jazz club is, or knows what 'smooth sax' means.
  • If she 'gets' fashion and style and look.
  • If she has other doll outfits of this class and caliber and has shown that she appreciates them.
Look, Addie and I have been in this business a long time... we understand that $34.99 is a lot for a dress for a doll. (Unless you've already visited AG and seen what they charge for dresses half this quality.)  

$34.99 is not a lot for this dress.  This dress is simply gorgeous and stunning and beautiful. It's special. So of course we would love to sell it to you, but only if your daughter is going to appreciate it. Otherwise, don't waste your money. We have plenty of other dresses that ordinary girls like just fine. 

PS: Does not come with the shoes shown in the picture of Sophia, those were photographic purposes only.

Satin high-waisted and pleated dress in polka dots with rose applique bodice
Twin layered built in tulle slip/stiffeners
Fits most 18" dolls including those by American Girl, Madame Alexander and Adora
Age recommendations? 8 and older
Special Because: It just is! look at it!
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