Sunshine & Roses 18" Doll's Dress
Sunshine & Roses 18" Doll's Dress
Even our least expensive doll looks great in this dress!
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Addie and I think this is one of the most beautiful 18 inch doll dresses we've ever seen. 

But it's also  our most expensive. So we went to the website of the 'other 18" girl' to look at her best dressy dresses to see what she charged.

And we were shocked... they have tons of nice dresses, but nothing as nice as this... not even close! (IMHO) 

And when we did look at their fanciest dresses they were more than twice as much! 

Bottom line, we have a beautiful dress that fits all the 18" dolls, but we're half the price, and much, much nicer.

And it comes with shoes! 

PS: The shoes we got from the manufactuer are the same as in the picture but more of a pale lemon than yellow.

Includes: Sleeveless gown in yellow satin with rose-embroidered lace and sandals
Fits: 18" Dolls from American Girl, Adora, Madame Alexander, Fibrecraft, etc.
Packaging: Polybag
Age recommendations? 8 and older, (but is really simple to put on and off
Special Because: Plain and Simple: It's a gorgeous dress
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