The Little Nursery Black Baby Doll
"Just the right size"
The Little Nursery Black Baby Doll
close up of her face ( in 2012 outfit )outfits vary year to yearComparing the sizes of the 10 inch dolls vs the 16 inch dolls
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When you're shopping in the local stores, and your choice of Black baby Dolls is between "few and none," any size doll will do. But here you've found the mother-lode of Black Baby Dolls (we just love that phrase, don't you?), and now you can be picky about what you choose for your baby!

So here's The Little Nursery baby girl. Your average two year old is about 34" tall, and this beautiful soft 11" black doll will fit comfortably in her little arms. And that's where Addie and I are going here... all the best features, but in a slightly smaller scale. She's just a bit smaller, and might be better for your daughter.

And take a close look at this Little Nursery girl - sculpted by the famous Spanish doll artist Berenguer, her detailed face and smile, little toes and fingers with creases and fingernails, warm smiling eyes... she is just too cute for words.

Reasons to love this doll: Safe for ages: 2+
11 inch tall Soft Bodied 'Little Nursery Girl'
Beautifully detailed sculpting
Designed by Master Doll Artist Salvador Berenguer
Dolls come in various outfits, let us choose one for you please
Clothing is removable
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