Velour 'Black Girl' Lovey Doll
Baby's first Doll
Velour 'Black Girl' Lovey Doll
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These simple rag dolls are as basic as basic gets! Safe for newborns and a perfect gift for a new baby, this Pattycake Doll Black velour doll is 10 inches long and completely machine washable. In bright eye-catching colors of velour, cloth and yarn (cap for boy or lace bonnet for girl), babies are instantly attracted to these adorable soft dolls.

Here's why these loveys make a perfect first crib toy for your child: babies don't see that well for the first few months. They can't focus on anything farther than about a foot, and they are still learning to use both eyes together, so they don't have any depth perception yet. Within a few months though, their ability to see and focus grows right along with their ability to reach and grab.

The bright color and crib-safety features are all she needs for the first few months. But as baby grows, reaches and touches, these simple soft dolls then offer her three different textures to explore with her fingers, are really light weight at ten inches so baby can pull and play with the doll, and are machine washable for when she starts putting it in her mouth. (Please remember to remove all toys from the crib once baby is asleep). And best of all her delicately drawn features make this a perfect doll for all African American or multiracial babies!

Reasons to love this doll: Safe for ages: All Ages including Newborns
Completely machine washable and dryable
10 Inches Long
Available as either boy or girl doll
(This Doll designed by a Mom!)
Cute embroidered face with sleepy eyes, a smile and a stitch or two for a nose Faces are hand embroidered not all two are the same.

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Velour Black Lovey DollI am so happy to find your wonderful site. My nieces are 1/2 Hatian and 1/2 Irish and these dolls are so PERFECT for them. I cannot wait to receive Lovey and send her to my niece. Your company sounds like it is run by great caring people. This is the kind of company I will we ordering from on birthdays and Christmas. Written by Mary Forristal on Thu 18 May 2017 1:48:48 PM GMT
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