Meet 'Trey' - He's an AAAA* Boy!
1st new Asian Boy Doll in Years!
Meet 'Trey' - He's an AAAA* Boy!
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It's a pretty nifty trick when doll makers get it right... a boy doll that boys won't see as a Doll, but instead a pal to carry around and play with. But Trey, the new Asian boy doll from StinkyKids pulls it off with panache!

StinkyKids is a new line of soft plush dolls invented by a Mom in NJ and rapidly becoming popular across the country. Each doll comes with it's own 'back story': Trey 'plays golf, loves french fries and cotton candy, sculpting in clay and taking pictures;' he is also the 'younger brother' of Hannah.

The dolls themselves are 12" tall, and are made with plush velboa fabrics over fiberfill. Trey comes dressed in a golf visor, striped shirt and pants with (faux) cargo pockets. The pants are removable, and reveal the signature on the tush.

Years ago when we first started in the doll business there were only a couple of companies that made an Asian boy doll, here it is all these years later, and while there are still very few, Trey is a wonderful addition to our line-up of Asian Boy Dolls.
Reasons to love this doll: Safe for ages: 6 months+
Trey, a soft 12 inch tall Asian-American Boy doll
has the typical StinkyKids 'signature' tush...
from the StinkyKids line of dolls, books
Soft Velboa shell over fiberfill - surface wash and air dry
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