Skye - Soft and Lovable Black Girl's Cloth Doll
From the StinkyKids™ Collection
Skye - Soft and Lovable Black Girl's Cloth Doll
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We fall in love with every doll we sell of course, but sometimes when we get a new doll in, and open the first shipment, we discover we've gotten something special... and we think Skye is someone special.

Skye is a feature-rich soft African American rag doll that is just perfect: super-soft - velboa and satin textures - the perfect size for this age group at 12" tall, nice yarn bangs and generous braids (four!) and lots of other cute details... from the heart shaped 'kiss' of her mouth to the embroidered signature on her bottom. (see pictures)

We knew nothing about StinkyKids™ dolls before we bought them - apparently the story has been all over the TV - how this mommy in NJ invented them, and what a big hit they were. These soft African American rag dolls may be the 'next big thing,' and yes, everybody may be talking about them, but we've never bought dolls for our customers based on hype... no Barbies, no Bratz; if you can get them in every store, what do you need us for? No, we only buy dolls that we think our customers will really like... the pretty ones, the softest ones, the best made ones - quality black baby dolls that your daughter will love today, love tomorrow, and remember for the rest of her life.
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Reasons to love this doll: Safe for ages: All Ages including Newborns
StinkyKids™ Skye 12" tall African American Rag Doll
These are not 'scented' dolls
Soft Velboa shell over fiberfill - surface wash and air dry
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