Lil Hugs Multicultural Baby Doll
Lil Hugs Multicultural Baby Doll
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A soft plush baby doll with all the sounds and colors that babies enjoy most! With a right hand of the doll holding a cute rattle - the left hand and feet make a "crinkly" sound to keep your baby entertained. and stimulate her senses....

Your business is being Mommy or Auntie or Grandma, our business is Baby Dolls. And this new baby doll from Berenguer has all the hallmarks that you'd look for if you were to make your own doll. Let's start with soft and cuddly. Then add a bit of stimulation for baby's senses with the built in rattle, crinkly cellophane inserts in her arms and feet, and various soft textures for her fingers to explore. Then give her an adorable soft vinyl face to stare at, and a cuddly soft fiberfill body to sleep next to and you have dolly perfection.

These dolls can be given as gifts for newborns, and they will be played with right up to about eighteen months. But we guarantee, your child might outgrow the simplicity of these beautiful dolls, but she will never stop loving her Lil Hugs!

Why she'll love this doll: Safe for ages: All Ages including Newborns
Popular brown skin tone for Biracial, South Asian and other multicultural children
built in rattle and crinkly sounds stimulates hearing
fleece to cloth to vinyl textures stimulate sense of touch
beautifully painted soft vinyl faces
Picture for illustrative purposes only, outfits vary in pastels
Surface washable
12 inches high soft fleece over fiberfill
Comes boxed for gift giving
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