Princess Elegance Learn to Dress
Princess Elegance Learn to Dress
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You've probably seen a lot of dolls advertised as 'early learner' toys or 'activity toys' or 'educational toys.'

How do you spot a good one?

To be honest with you, we've never really seen a 'bad' one, but some dolls do stand out above the rest.

Princess Elegance is one of them. Here's why:
  • It's baby safe. 
  • Little girls love pink, sparkles and princesses. Princess Elegance has all that, plus a faux fur collar... which makes this doll pretty unique. 
  • It's a learn to dress doll, but a very subtle one . She'll probably be carrying it around for a while before she realizes it's learn to dress.
  • And finally, it's a great 'carry around and cuddle' doll - soft, cute and a friendly smiling face. 
  • This is the kind of doll that your youngest children just love to sit with and and cuddle and touch - all those wonderful textures for their fingers to explore.
Doll Type: Soft Cloth Princess doll with Learn to dress activity functions
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Color / Type Cream, Blue embroidered, blonde yarn
Size: 14 inches
Packaging: Hang Tag
Availability: In stock for immediate shipment
Why she'll love this doll: Safe for all ages
Zipper on the back, button and tying bow on the front, two press and close straps on the shoes
Surface wash only
Baby Safe
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