Blessed Friends - Goodnight Prayer Girl
Blessed Friends - Goodnight Prayer Girl
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The best thing about our Goodnight Prayer Dolls is that they make the perfect gift for a little girl at so many different times in her life. 

Because they are 'baby-safe' they can be given as baby shower or Christening gifts, but because they 'say their prayers' they are interesting to older toddlers as well... for birthday presents, in the Christmas stocking as Baptism gifts for girls, even up to first communion. 

They also make great loveys... soft enough to cuddle, but also have lots of different textures for baby's exploring fingers. 

But most of all they make grat gifts because little kids love to play with them, to copy the 'praying' hands and repeating the Lay Me Down to Sleep prayer... kids generally find these toys interesting. And as the gift giver, that's what you're really after... you want them to love the dolls you give them don't you?

Why they'll love this toy: Safe for all ages
Adorable Praying Girl in her jammies Plays the 'Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Prayer'
Sound box is permantly sewn and sealed inside - no batteries to replace
Sound box is incredibly clear sounding so the words are easy to hear and understand The recording is in a child's voice and will play 100's of times
Approximately 10" tall, made of super soft velboa fabrics over polyester and foam
Works as a baby's lovey because it has so many finger friendly areas satin trims, embroidered face, felt 'hair' etc
Do not submerge in water - Surface wash only
Comes with 'To:' and 'From:' gift tag attached
has 'God Bless Baby' embroidered along sleep-cap trim
NONE of our goodnight prayer toys pray the dark and gloomy version of this traditional prayer
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