Policeman Learn to Dress Activity Doll
Policeman Learn to Dress Activity Doll
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We have to hand it to the doll designers with this one... a cute doll dressed like a policeman, with surprisingly nice features.

The features that "make" this a great doll:

  • To start with, it's soft and cuddly - fleece outside over fiberfill and foam stuffing
  • It's a Policeman... boys won't get all upset that it's a doll or too girly.
  • It's baby safe... not that it's just for babies, but that you don't have to worry about safety for your toddlers.
  • It has the four finger activities - tie, button, Velcro­®, zipper.
  • The designers got nicely creative - the velcro holds his necktie, the zipper opens a pocket with his (tethered) badge inside it.
  • The toy 'sits,' so it's great as room or bed decor as well.
All in all this is a well made (and prize-winning) toy for young boys. He'll love it!
Why your child will love this doll: Safe for all ages
This is a pretty good sized doll for toddlers - 17 inches
Surface wash recommendation, but you can try machine wash if you want, ours turned out OK (wrap it in a tee shirt, cold water, squeeze dry into a towel)
Enbroidered face, soft-sculpt fingers and thumbs, one piece construction
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