Sunday Funnies - Peg & Parrot
Sunday Funnies - Peg & Parrot
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Before we get to the  pirate part, let us start with the boy's doll part. This is just the cutest, softest, most adorable pirate on the planet - no doubt, and perfectly safe for even the youngest boys, even babies.

I really wish you could hold this doll in your hands before buying it so you could feel how incredibly soft and finger friendly he is. Please take our word for it though.

Now, as a Pirate doll... Peg is magnificent...

If you were to take every single pirate from the Sunday Funnies, and rolled them into one, what would you have?
  • Skull & Crossbones? Yes.
  • Pirate's patch over one eye? Yes.
  • Peg leg? Yes.
  • Hook for a hand?? Yes!
  • Parrot on his shoulder?!? Yes!!  
When thinking about the dolls you want to buy for your son, there are a lot of different choices. If you want child safe, soft and cuddly, friendly 'Sunday Funnies' look to it, then Peg and Parrot is a perfect choice. 
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Why he'll love his doll Safe for all ages
Peg & Parrot is approximately 15 inches tall
He is machine washable (cold) then squeeze into a towel and lay flat to dry Important to a baby boy's mother!!
One piece construction, nothing to come off or get lost
Soft plush polyester fabrics over fiberfill
Bright and colorful for baby, fun and sturdy for toddler
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