PlayTime™ Prince
PlayTime™ Prince
PlayTime Little Prince - left: Playtime Prince - rightPlayTime Little Prince
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Yes, we have plenty of Baby Boy Dolls for you to choose from, and yes it's easy to compare them all quickly, but we've learned over the years that sometimes it's better to just put your best foot forward right away.

For baby boy dolls that's PlayTime™ Prince. 

Playtime Prince is one of the most perfect baby boy dolls you could choose for your children...  a beautifully hand made, feature rich baby boy doll. For example:

  • PlayTime Prince is safe for babies and toddlers.
  • He's 13" tall, with a soft cloth body and 'Gentle Touch' vinyl arms, legs and head. His beautiful 'baby blues' open and close, and he comes lightly scented, dressed as shown, and with a baby bottle. He can also 'suck his thumb.'
  • He's machine washable... which is important! Your toddler will likely 'attach' to this soft and cuddly doll, carry it everywhere and get it dirty. 
  • The tee shirt and shorts outfit is removable and washable. Prince fits all standard 13-14" doll clothes.
We know that many of you are in a hurry to 'buy and fly.' 

That's why we put Playtime Prince here in the 1st position. 

If you want to compare him to the thirty-five other boy dolls on this page, please do.

If what you want is a good quality, popular, baby boy doll, PlayTime Prince is your answer.

PS: PlayTime Prince (this page) has blue eyes, 3/4 vinyl limbs.  Our othe PlayTime Little Prince (see link below) has brown eyes and 1/2 vinyl limbs. Perfect if you need 'twin' boys or 'brother' dolls.

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Doll Type: Soft Bodied baby Boy Doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Type/Color: White, Blue (open and close), molded light brown
Size: 13 inches
Gender: Non-gendered cloth body, dressed and sold as a boy doll
Availability: In stock for immediate shipment
Scented? Yes. Adora Doll's Gentle Touch™ baby powder scented skin
Packaging: Window Display box
Why we love this doll: Safe for ages 12 months +
5 piece set includes: Doll, Bottle, cap, shorts and tee shirt
Baby Powder Scented 'Gentle Touch"™ vinyl head, arms and legs; (will gradually fade with washings)
Machine washable (squeeze with a towel and then air dry)
Mouth is shaped to accept thumb or bottle
The open and close eyes have eyelashes (We do not warranty eyelashes as some children will pluck them off.)
Along with the Playtime Little Prince can make a set of Twin Boy Baby Dolls
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