Jack Patch - the Pirate Doll
Jack Patch - the Pirate Doll
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If you're already reading this then I'm assuming you're way past the point of worring about 'boys and dolls,' and are ready to start thinking about which doll is best for your son.

Jack is not the doll you want if  'nurturing' is what he's wanting... those are the 'baby dolls,' and we have plenty of them.

And although Jack is soft and cuddly, he's not our #1 choice for a boy's take to bed doll... Elmo or Curious George in PJ's and Goodnight Moon are more along those lines.

Not that Jack Patch wouldn't make a great carry and cuddle doll - he's all that, plenty soft and quite friendly in fact.

No, what Addie and I recommend Jack for is 'Imagination Building.'

Boys love making up stories and having 'pretend' adventures and that's where Jack is perfect... from his skull & cross bones pirate's hat to his eye-patch and black 'boots,' Jack screams 'Pirate.'

Jack will be the seed from which your son's imagination will grow the best adventures and create the best stories. Some people might think that pirates are 'bad.' We're here to tell you that this pirate is a doll that's good for him!

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WARNING! Choking hazard: May contain small parts, not for children under 3 years.

Why he'll love his doll Safe for ages: 3+
Jack Patch is about 14 inches tall
He is considered to be a 'one piece cloth doll,' except that it is possible to remove the jacket
Surface washable
Soft cloth and plastic pellets (in the butt so he can 'sit')
The yarn hair on our current supply is quite long (see picture) We think she could be a girl pirate called Jackie!
Does not come with the barrel, that's a photography prop only ☺
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