Pattycake Doll Company Holiday Shipping

Will it get there on time?

As of Tuesday December 15th per guidance by both UPS and US Postal Service, we can no longer promise delivery by Christmas Eve.
We will continue to accept your orders 
and will ship within The Pattycake Doll Company's Promise:
"We will ship the next business day" 
That promise is still good. 
Even some Priority Mail 2-3 Day service is taking over a week to get there. Delivery Times are now at your own risk.

We do not 'Guarantee' Timely delivery... we can only tell you that we will give it to the Postal Service on time.

We cannot control what they do with your box. 

That is why we send you your tracking number SMS / emails!

We will do everything we can
to make it fit into Priority Mail boxes, 
***including removing dolls from their original boxes
to save space so we can use
Priority until the last moment.***
(Most Cloth Dolls - under a pound - go 1st Class Mail)

 If we still can't make it fit,
we will cancel your order and void your payment.

We'd rather give up the sale than disappoint a child for Christmas!
    • ​All orders are shipped within one business day. Order on Monday and it ships on Tuesday, etc.
    • 'Porch theft' is a growing problem. Please have your packages delivered to a 'safe location.
    • Remember to add a day if your Mail Carrier usually leaves you a notice, leaves packages at a 'front desk' or 'management office' or if you are shipping to a PO Box.
    • Please, make sure you give us the right address. We access the US Postal Service address database. If we can't find a match, we can't ship your package. 
    • The email will contain a your delivery confirmation number, and a link to the USPS tracking so that you can follow your package's progress. 
    • Up until December our average package delivery is a week or less. As needed we ship by either First Class, Retail Ground or Priority Mail.
  • Once we give your package to the Post Office, it is in their hands. All shipping times, costs and delivery tracking information is based on what they tell us. 
Addie and I have been selling dolls since 2002, and every Christmas there are a few folks who are going to be disappointed about our shipping. Thousands of you will be just fine, but we really wish that every single one of you could get the dolls you want when you want them. We're a small family owned business, and we do our best for you and the children. We appreciate your interest and wish you and your's a wonderful holiday season. 

All our love, and God Bless... Addie and Peter Laudin 

Is it in Stock?

Our store's inventory software automatically counts down and then removes products from the web pages. If you see it, then 99.9% of the time you can order it.

But about once in every 5000 orders something goes wrong. Our software thinks there are some left, but our warehouse staff has found a defect in an item, removed it from inventory, (what we check for) sent the notice to our IT folks to update manually, but you bought the item before we could update.

We do not make substitutions, we do refunds for the missing items. So you don't have to worry that we will send you a doll you didn't order.