Nici Wonderland Minimargaret the Doctor
Nici Wonderland Minimargaret the Doctor
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Addie and I promise you: Our new Black doll will make even the grumpiest kid smile.

Guaranteed! She's simply irresistible. So soft, so cute, so happy! 

So okay then... you're the parents (or grandparents), and we're the doll store. We're supposed to be the experts, and you want to know how we can guarantee a grumpy child's smile? 

Nici has three things - let's call them 'features' - although that's not quite the right word - three features that we as the doll experts know affect the child.

1: First is the textures. Nici is remarkably soft. Not just the surface softness that comes from the velboa fabrics, but also the perfect amount of stuffing - the perfect amount of  'squeezable give' to the doll. I know we're not describing it well but it is a true fact - your daughter will immediately love how this doll 'feels' in her hands.

2: Second is the face - and the smile, and the freckles, and the hair... the overall friendly, happy 'look' of the doll. Again something hard to describe objectively, but definitely an attractiveness to this black rag doll that your children will latch onto.

3: The third factor is easily defined. It's the clothing. Nici comes in the Medical Outfit: 'scrubs' pants, white lab coat, the mask and the cap. But she also comes with the reversible dress - made from the softest velboa and includes the purse. That gives Nici three distinctly different doll's outfits to change into. HOURS of creative, imagination building, pretend play.
Doll Type: All cloth Black Girl Doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Color / Type Brown, Black beads for eyes, Black 'soft-sculpt' velboa ponytails
Size: Approx 12 inches
Gender: Girl
Scented? No
Availability: In Stock for immediate shipment
Packaging: Standing Box for the doll, cardboard header card for the dress and purse
Special Because: Reversible dress makes for three different outfits
Why she'll love this doll: Safe for Ages: 2 Years and older
Nici Wonderland is a 7 piece set - the Doll and 6 pieces of clothing or accessories
Machine wash gentle, squeeze with a towel and air dry
The reversible sleeveless dress is pink on one side and green stripe on the other
The Mask and Cap have an ingenious design that takes advantage of the hair design to stay on
Mommy, you are going to have to help get the pants on and off over those feet Great play time with your child for you, but a challenge for the 2 year old by herself
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