Delightfully Denim
Delightfully Denim
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If you've bought either of the two biracial dolls Emerald or Opal, you probably noticed that we pointed out that although similar in size to Barbie dolls, that these two dolls were 'more realistically proportioned.' 

And if you're a mother in  America, it's hard to not have seen one of those politically correct Mommy Blogs with their dire warnings about how screwed up your daughter is going to be twenty years from now, all because Barbie is going to teach her to have an unrealistic body-shape, body image etc.

Addie and I believe that it's a crock, but we couldn't prove it either way.

But because our two biracial dolls are realistically proportioned, we carry clothes that we know will fit them. 

Two different sets actually... the '
Delightfully Denim' outfit shown here, and the 'On the Red Carpet' outfit (link below).

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WARNING! Choking hazard: May contain small parts, not for children under 3 years.

Why she'll love her doll's dress Manufacturer Recommendation for Children 6 or older
This outfit is made by the same company to fit their own dolls Emerald and Opal are their names
The two outfits are: On the Red Carpet and Delightfully Denim Delightfully denim has a Rock-a-Billy feel to it
Both outfits come with a set of shoes
Comes in a cute reusable hanging dress storage bag.
Picture is for illustrative purposes only, does not include the doll
We can't claim that this outfit will fit Barbie, but Don't be surprised if your daughter puts it on her Barbies anyway!
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