Miro Can!
Miro Can!
Better view of the Miro packaging
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What boy doll from HABA can be your son's best friend? Miro can!

Which boy's doll is safe from ages 6 months and up but will be his best buddy for years afterwards? Miro Can!

And which doll for boys comes in the cutest package ever for a boy's doll? Well Miro of course, he comes in a can!

As soon as we saw this new 'boy doll in a can' from HABA we ordered him!


Because Good Buddy Graham, also from HABA, and his Big Brother Steve are already two of our best selling cloth dolls for boys. Miro looks just like them but a little smaller, and, Miro starts at a slightly younger age group than the other two. But best of all, Miro also comes in this adorable package, which we know will be just as much fun for your son as the doll himself.  

Every toy store owner is an amateur child psychologist you know, and we can promise you that there isn't a boy in this country who doesn't absolutely NEED a box for his little treasures. Miro's can is perfect for this, and you get it for free with the doll!

Doll Type: Small, all cloth doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Color / Type White, Blue embroidered, N/A - comes with a sewn on cap
Size: 8 inches
Gender: Boy
Availability: In stock
Packaging: Canned, as shown
Special Because: Of the 'Miro Can!' of course!
Special Because: Can form sets of brothers with the two other HABA dolls we carry
Why we love this doll: Safe starting at 6 months
Miro comes in an adorable package that will be just as much of a treat for your boy as the doll
Can be part of a three brothers set with Good Buddy Graham and Big Brother Steve
His shirt and pants are removable Will probably need Mom's help to put back on 'til he's a little older
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