Mini Calin Graceful Black Baby Doll
Mini Calin Graceful Black Baby Doll
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Calin Mini's are the perfect carry dolls, and we are super excited that we can now offer you the new Mini Calin Graceful, Corolle's Black / African American version of this popular baby doll. 

What's a 'carry doll' you might ask?

In today's busy world, wherever you go, you take your daughter with you. And just like you take your daughter everywhere, Mini Calins are designed so that everywhere your daughter goes, she can take 'her baby' with her as well. 

Your daughter or granddaughter will carry her Baby Graceful around with her all day and all night... it will be her companion  and her 'baby,' and she will comfort her and soothe her and make her feel loved... while at the same time Baby Graceful will be helping your toddler to explore her newfound nurturing and attachment skills. 

Your daughter is going to fall in love with her adorable little fingers, toes and ears, her cute button of a nose, her sweet rosebud mouth and the famous 'flirty' eyes design that make Mini Calin dolls instantly recognizable.

But best of all is the soft cloth and bean-bag filled body that gives her the softness to make her super cuddly, while at the same time gives her some heft and weight.

Doll Type: Black / African American soft-bodied baby doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Type/Color: Brown, brown painted, Black molded and painted
Size: Approx 7 inches
Scented? Yes
Packaging: Tagged, Bagged
Availability: In stock
Why she'll love her Mini Calin Graceful Safe for ages 18 months and older
Mini Calins are a popular brand of small baby dolls designed in Europe by Corolle
Outfit is removable and washable
Doll is washable
Vinyl Head, arms and legs
Instead of fiberfill, Mini Calins are filled with plastic pellets giving them a soft cuddly feel and yet some weight to them
The pacifier and baby bottle in the picture are not included, they are for size comparison purposes only
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