Mermaid Toddler's Learn to Dress
Mermaid Toddler's Learn to Dress
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We feel good when something we choose for you sells well, but that doesn't stop us from seeing a new doll at a manufacturer's booth and turning to each other and saying - "this is a really great doll!"

This Mermaid toddler's Learn to dress / activity doll is a really great doll.

First of all she's cute. Second she's really nice and soft - fleece and felted cloth over foam and fiberfill.  Third, she's baby safe - always a great feature. And finally, she's got the four little finger friendly activities; the Tie - Zip - Velcro­­® - and button that keeps little ones interested.  

There are other nice details also: Soft sculpt fingers and thumbs, ears and braids, a cute embroidered smiley face and a nice size. 

But the best thing is that when we gave these mermaids to our test group of little girls (along with some other new dolls we had just added to our line-up), the Mermaid were insanely popular among the little girls. They all wanted to hold her and play with her, or even tuck her under their arm while they played with something else! 

That testament to her popularity was enough for us to declare her 'a favorite.'
They'll either love Mermaids, Ballerinas or Princesses - One is sure to be the perfect Doll!
Why she'll love this doll: Safe for all ages
A fun activity doll for the littlest girls Tie Laces, Zip zipper ( with a hidden treasure in the pocket, Vecro flap and Button
So nicely detailed! Embroidery thread scales, braided pigtails, color coordinated in lavender and pink
Great for a little girl's room decor too! This is a 'sitting' doll, sit's well on bed or shelf!
Surface wash (recommended by manufacturer) (We wrapped in a towel and washed in the machine without much damage.) It's up to you
Mermaid is quite large for a soft toddler's doll - 17 inches
Winner of 2013 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval
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