Romance & Lilacs - A Dress for 18" Dolls
Romance & Lilacs - A Dress for 18" Dolls
Here's Madison dressed in the undershift with the dress on the mannequin
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Baby dolls are about nurturing and role play like Mommy or Daddy, but 18" doll play is all about clothes and fashion, and, when she is playing with her friends and their 18 inch dolls, sharing and other similar social skills.

So by deciding what outfits you buy for her, you subtly influence moods and roles and help her build imaginative scenarios.

For example... this pretty and very feminine lilac shift with the lacy sundress and coordinating cap lends itself to thoughts of summer romance, fields of flowers and picnics. 

So you see, it can matter what 18" doll clothes you buy, and a pretty and romantic outfit like Romance & Lilacs may suggest pretty Princesses and happy summers for your daughter. That's what we call 'building her imagination,' and that's a very good thing!

Includes: Lilac undershift, Lace floral patterned dress & coordinated shade hat
Fits: 18" Dolls from American Girl, Adora, Madame Alexander, My Generation etc.
Packaging: Polybags
Age Recommendations 5 and up
Special Because: The special undershift and lacy dress together make a lovely outfit
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