William, a Life-sized Baby Boy Doll
William, a Life-sized Baby Boy Doll
A sleepy baby boy doll -William's getting ready for his nap!
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Thank goodness someone was willing to buck the trend in a lifesized baby boy doll, and make one that's cute and cuddly.

Seriously, it's been a trend over the last few years to make 'new born' baby boy dolls literally look like they just got released from the nursery, wrinkly and bald with scrunched up faces! Those dolls are a great testament to the doll sculptor's skills, but it's not what your daughter really wanted when she asked for her own 'Baby Boy Doll!'

William however, is exactly what she wanted. This baby boy doll looks like a real baby,  but he's cute! He's got pretty blue eyes, smooth skin, rosy cheeks and a rosebud baby's smile. 

And he's life sized, about 18 inches long - although very lightweight - has a soft cloth body for cuddle time, and the most adorable boy's shorts set outfit. Life sized also meaning he can be diapered in a real newborn's disposable diapers! 

And when Grandma comes to visit, take her shopping! Most any department store, Target or Walmart will have dozens of outfits for your daughter to choose from. (Newborn sizes should fit just fine!)

We will remind you that the average 2-3 year old is about 30 inches herself, so lets not get too small a child too big a doll shall we?

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WARNING! Choking hazard: May contain small parts, not for children under 3 years.
Doll Type: Life sized Soft cloth bodied boy doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Color / Type: White, Blue, molded, painted light brown
Size: 'New Born,' approximately 18 inches long
Gender Boy Doll, (cloth body non-gendered)
Scented? Yes
Packaging Polybag and tags
Special Because Made in Spain
Why She'll Love her Doll Safe ages 3 and older - small buttons on outfit
Comes dressed as shown, Short set and bootie socks Teddy Bear and Rocking chair not included
The doll undressed is safe for all ages, small buttons invoke the safety warning To give this doll to a younger child, buy real baby clothes size newborn
Soft Vinyl head, arms and legs, cloth body- fiberfilled
Light weight easy to carry
Beautifully detailed, molded fingers and toes with nails, molded ears and mouth, acrylic blue eyes Head swivels at neck
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