Lots to Cuddle Black Life-sized Baby Doll
Lots to Cuddle Black Life-sized Baby Doll
How 'Black' Compares to Asian, White, Biracial / Hispanic Cuddle Me DollsHere are two sizes for you to compare with a 10" Lots to love and 20" Cuddle Me in a previous outfitHere's a Cuddle Me doll dressed in a $2 dress from the Salvation Army Store
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The absolute best part about these life-sized Lots to Cuddle dolls is that at about 20 inches, you and your daughter can have a field day buying her real baby clothes. And at only 2 pounds, most little girls can easily carry her around the store!

Imagine that, 20 inches - real baby's clothes! A little girl's dream!

The secret is in her construction: 1/4 length arms and legs, and the head is hollow - the rest is like a soft fiber filled pillow. So life-sized, but light weight!

Doll Type: Life sized African American Baby Doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Type/Color: Brown, Brown, Molded Curly / Black
Size: 20 inches
Packaging: Polybag
Availability: In stock
Special Because: Can wear real baby clothes
Why we love this doll: Safe starting at ages 2 years and older.
Outfits vary, the picture is for illustration purposes only
Easily find clothes in the infants dept at the stores...
The ultimate in learn to dress dolls! Dress them in real clothes!
Vinyl hands, feet and head; the rest is lightweight cloth and fiberfill
Doll is gender neutral Dress her is a baby's boy's outfit and Voila! You now have a 'boy' doll!
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