Red Blossoms 18" Doll's Kimono
Red Blossoms 18" Doll's Kimono
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What if I said: "Buy this 18 inch doll's Kimono, and your daughter will someday become a fashion designer?" Or maybe an international diplomat. Or a world-wide traveler and citizen of the world.

Little things can lead to life-changing events, and to a little girl who doesn't know from Japan or kimonos, this beautiful red brocaded Furisode (literally - swinging sleeves) kimono, with the matching zori and obi may well become her ticket to the adventure of international fashions, travel and design. 

But even if your daughter and her doll travel no further then to show-and-tell, or the next doll club meeting, her doll is going to look simply stunning in this outfit, and she is going to get years of pleasure dressing her 18" doll in her kimono.

Includes: Furisode Kimono, an Obi and an Obiage, and a pair of Zori
Fits: 18" Dolls from American Girl, Adora, Madame Alexander, Fibrecraft, etc.
Packaging: Polybag
Age recommendations? 8 and older,
Special Because: Gorgeous brocade fabric, authentic features like Zori and obi
Why we love this product: Safe for ages: 3+
Introduce your daughter to International fashions
Zoris are different from flip-flops in that they can go on either foot
Your daughter can get as authentic as she wants to Authentic Obi she can learn to fold and put on her doll
Japanese brides often wear Red Kimonos
Our 'Starter' 18" doll Sofia is modeling this kimono for you Even our least expensive dolls look expensive when dressed in this gorgeous outfit!
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