Jesus Loves Me Teddy Bear
Jesus Loves Me Teddy Bear
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To a young child, a teddy bear is a simple 'comfort' item. Soft, cuddly, safe. A companion to sit and snuggle with, something to love.

But when that child gets a little older, and learns just what 'Jesus Loves Me' really means, it is such a wonderful and awe inspiring moment. Just as much as your child loves his teddy bear, so does Jesus love your child. 

I want to be the person who leads my child to Jesus's wonderful message of love, peace and forgiveness. 

I think you want to be that person too. 

The "Jesus Loves Me" message seems to be everywhere these days. Tee shirts, bumper stickers, coffee cups and more. But I think that the most perfect place for this message to be is on a teddy bear. Why?

Children love their teddy bears unconditionally, even when they are too young to fully associate those feelings with words. By giving them Rejoice, we have started them on the path to love.

Later... when they begin to ask about the message on their bear... that's when you can teach them that Jesus loves them - unconditionally!

PS: Rejoice does not have to be just for children you know! There are plenty of teenagers and adults who will appreciate this timeless gift of God's love and forgiveness!

Why you'll love this product: Safe for ages: from 12 months+
Rejoice is 12 inches tall
He comes dressed in his turquoise Jesus Loves Me embroidered sentiment hoodie and casual jeans
Boyds Bear quality - jointed hips and shoulders and neck - poseable
The mark of a quality teddy bear: 'Palms' on their paws, 'soles' on their feet
Rejoice has been safety tested for ages one or older
But the timeless message of love and forgiveness is suitable for any age!
Rejoice is shipped in a polybag with product hangtag
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