Groovy Girls™ Lily A Biracial/Multicultural Cloth Doll
Groovy Girls™ Lily A Biracial/Multicultural Cloth Doll
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Groovy Girls are one of our favorite kinds of dolls to sell.

Here's why: 
  • They are an inexpensive, light weight soft cloth doll - easy to buy - easy to carry - easy to cuddle - easy to love.
  • They change styles every few years. Just about the time your daughter loves one to pieces, there will be a new one to enjoy.
  • Their clothes are removable and interchangeable - there's a world of fashions and accessories available.
  • Lily's outfit is by far the nicest we have ever seen on a 'basic' - as opposed to a special edition - Groovy Girl doll
  • They are so pretty! And Cute! Soft sculpt fingers, colorful yarn hair, even a belly-button! 
But best of all, this is a doll little girls love... year after year, style after style, Groovy Girls are one of our most popular cloth dolls for kids. 
Doll Type: Groovy Girls™ brand all cloth Biracial or Multicultural Rag doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Color / Type Light Brown, Green embroidered, Colored and Streaked Black Yarn
Size: 13 inches
Packaging: Hang Tag
Special Because Part of the extensive Groovy Girls line of Doll, Clothes & Accessories
Why we love this doll: Safe for ages: 3+
Perhaps the best feature for Lily is the gorgeous bright and colorful dress
Lily's sundress is removable as is the white 'tee' underneath it lily also features embroidered earrings and a multi- band friendship bracelet!
We love her smiling face - your daughter will too! It's another great feature of all the Groovy Girls - those smiles!
The Lily Groovy Girl was introduced in 2016
Fits all Groovy Girls fashions and accessories
When clothes are removed, Lily is still dressed in underwear and shoes Doll is One piece construction
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